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5 best Nirvana music video on YouTube

Written by , Tuesday, February 22, 2011

If Kurt Cobain was still alive, he would turn 44 yesterday. This American singer-songwriter, best known for being the lead singer and guitarist of the grunge band Nirvana, had lived an interesting life. Like it or not the band Nirvana has been influential to the alternative music scene.

Labeled as the anti-pop, Nirvana came on the mainstream music offering something different from the rest of pop-ish acts. If you were a teen during the 90s, you would most certainly went through a Nirvana phase. Nevermind and MTV Unplugged in New York were among the first cassettes I bought. Sadly we only got to know Nirvana and Kurt Cobain after his death.

Here are 5 of our favorite Nirvana music video on youtube: -

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Come As You Are



The Man Who Sold The World (David Bowie cover)

Which Nirvana song was your favorite?

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