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KAMI, KAMI and more KAMI

Written by , Saturday, October 18, 2008

Can’t get enough of KAMI? Looking at my blog stats almost 90% of the traffic coming are from search engines are results of search phrase with something KAMI related. Why not capitalize this with yet another KAMI post?

Here is what you can do if you can’t get enough of KAMI: -

Buku Untuk Film: KAMI

Get the book. ‘Buku Untuk Filem‘ is a series of limited-edition books published to accompany selected Malaysian films. Each book numbered and will be released just as the film comes out.

Buku Untuk Film: KAMI, I think is the first of this series. A total of 1000 copies published. It’s a complete written screenplay including scenes that were dropped from the final film, with some bonus materials, essays and interviews.

I like to read screenplays whenever I find a movie that I think is well written. I’ve in my collection, soft copies (downloaded from the net) several of Quentin Tarantino’s screenplays, Pulp Fiction, True Romance and Reservoir Dogs.

Each copy of Buku Untuk Film: KAMI are numbered, mine is number 108, pre-ordered and autographed. Designed aesthetically to look like a fanzine.

As an added bonus, Buku Untuk Film: KAMI essays and interviews was written by the Ahmad Kamal Abu Bakar, yes the blogger of ‘Semusim Di Neraka‘ fame. The blog is no longer online, but during the time it was, all hell did broke loose for sure.

This is the second book I had bought from from Matahari Books publishing. The first one is ‘New Malaysian Essays 1‘, a collection of six long non-fiction written essays that doesn’t quite fall in any genre.

Check out Amir Muhammad’s blog, ‘Writting By Amir‘ for more information on Buku Untuk Film: KAMI or other books published by Matahari Books.

Kami Book dvd

Get KAMI the series on DVD

Miss out on the series at 8TV? you can grab the DVD complete KAMI series. Eight episodes, no cuts. Recap on the things that happened before the movie.

Exclusively distributed in Malaysia by Speedy Video, so expect to see the DVDs in your neighborhood Speedy Video stores.

Kami the gig

KAMI the gig

If that isn’t enough, there is the KAMI gig on 18th October 2008 (this Saturday), Stadium Bukit Jalil. The grand finale of a series of KAMI gig around the country.

Forget all the Raya open houses, this is where you should be. A super gig with 2 stages and 24 bands jamming from 1:30p.m. till 11p.m. thats almost 10 hours of non-stop music.

Harmacy, Estrella, Couple, Laila’s Lounge, Plague of Happiness, They Will Kill Us All, The Agrobeats, Koffin Kanser, 7 Collar T-Shirt, One Buck Short, The Times, Love Me Butch, Butterfingers, Bittersweet, OAG, Meet Uncle Hussain, and many more.

Don’t forget to bring some spare change, I’m pretty sure they will be selling albums and EPs.

See you there! and don’t forget to say hi.

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  • amir

    Thank you for the promosi :-)

  • Belle

    Good thing my open house is the day after huh.. :P

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